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t-h-i-n-k--f-i-r-s-t said: Your blog is very very lovely! (x can you check mine and give me your opinion? (x Privat anseur please. 

thank you! I will :)

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europeankisses-deactivated20140 said: Hii! I'm new to Tumblr, and I came across your blog. I LOVE IT! I was wondering if you would like to be my first follower? Thank you! .xx 

i’ll check first! Thanks, welcome to tumblr :)

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luxylicious said: Your blog inspires me so much :) where are you from? xx 

aww! Thanks.. Philippines ;)

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muchversace said: omgg I just followed, your blog is sooo perfect! I just opened my blog, do you mind checking it out? oh and I know there aren't a lot of posts right now but I promise there will be! xx 

hi! Thank you.. Checking now… ;)

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Anonymous said: Do you have any tips on how to match overalls? 

match it
with a feminine blouse and pair of heels, stick to monochrome for a chic look or throw on a beanie and crop top for a true throwback, there are no limitation

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madsfrancis said: Hi Lovely :) Love your blog! I just discovered it, I'm an illustrator and always looking for new inspo, would love you to check out my illustrations and see if anything fits your blog :) Mads 

hi! Sure ;)

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Anonymous said: Hey, I just started a fashion styling instagram and I'm trying to get things rolling, it would be great if you could tell your wonderful followers to check me out! Thank you xoxo @thestyleofalady @thestyleofalady @thestyleofalady 

^^ ;)

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theonepinkfreak said: I love your blog! My blogs style is really similar and I'm very active but I don't have many followers. Would you help me out? & just pass this on to your followers? I want people to actually see my blog :P 


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number1devuski said: cool photo 

thanks! :)

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Anonymous said: Do you have any outfit ideas to wear with Jeffrey Campbell high heel boots? :) 

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